The Central Terms and Conditions - The Central Luxembourg Kirchberg

The Central Terms and Conditions

“The Central” is a brand owned by LOEWIN S.à r.l., with legal office in 3-5 Av. de la Gare, L-1611, Luxembourg, RCSL number B261298.

These Rental Terms and Conditions are agreed on the one hand between the company LOEWIN S.à.r.l., referred to hereinafter as “the service provider” or “The Central” and, on the other hand, the beneficiary of the service referred to hereinafter as “the tenant”. The tenant and the service provider are referred to jointly hereinafter as “the parties”.


Article 1. Application of these general terms and conditions

All bookings at The Central assume consultation and unreserved acceptance of these general terms and conditions. They shall also be agreed on-line on the booking form before paying the rental fee. It is therefore assumed that the tenant has been made sufficiently aware of these terms and conditions.
Unless special terms and conditions are presented in writing by an authorised Staff member of The Central, these general terms and conditions shall govern all the services provided by the latter. These general terms and conditions shall apply to all tenants unless dispensation is granted under special terms and conditions.

Article 2. Responsibility of the tenant

The tenant undertakes to behave in a responsible manner at The Central and to comply with the internal rules of the residence. Any serious or repeated violation of this requirement shall authorise The Central to terminate the stay of the tenant or individuals under his/her responsibility without notice.
The tenant is responsible both with regard to the individuals under his/her responsibility and to the damage which may be caused by the latter or by him/herself to people, property, equipment and other The Central facilities and in general to areas accessed by the public.
The tenant is responsible to keep the apartment and all furniture, internal fittings and amenities in the same condition as they were upon arrival. The apartment must be left reasonably clean and orderly upon departure. The Central reserves the right to charge an extra cleaning fee of between € 50 – € 100 in case the apartment is extraordinarily dirty and require substantial cleaning.
Bookings may not be made by minors. The Central reserves the right to refuse access to the residences to any minors who are not accompanied by a legal representative and to cancel the booking.
The Central reserves the right to check the tenant’s identification at any time. The tenant must therefore carry identity card or passport.

Article 3. Security Deposit

All bookings must be guaranteed by a Security Deposit, depending on the case and at the choice of The Central by credit card or cash, to cover costs related to any loss, theft or damage to the apartment or its contents, caused by tenant or his/her guests/visitors during the period of the stay.
The Central reserves the right to pre-authorize credit cards prior to or upon arrival for € 400 Security Deposit in addition to the pre-paid rental fee. The tenant must provide the exact details of his/her credit card and present the card used for the booking when confirming the payment. If the credit card cannot be presented for verification, the tenant shall be requested to provide an alternative means of payment (other credit card or cash). If the details recorded in the booking form do not correspond to those of the tenant occupying the apartment, the booking form shall be amended with the actual tenant information.
If the value of the loss, theft or damage exceeds the value of the pre-authorized Security Deposit, The Central will be entitled to charge the tenant credit card accordingly. The tenant will then receive detailed description and written confirmation of any such charges no later than 7 days following the departure date.

Article 4. Payments

In order to confirm a booking at The Central it is required the payment of:

  • for the non-refundable rates: the total rental fee (100%) for your stay
  • for the standard rates: for reservations up to 7 nights, 1 night stay; for reservations of more than 7 nights, 40% of the reservation amount.

All payments must be made in Euro. The tenant may choose to pay either by:

  1. Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard), on The Central E-Commerce secure payment gateway;
  2. Bank Transfer, on the following account:
  • Beneficiary: Loewin Sarl
  • Beneficiary address: 3-5 Av. de la Gare, L-1611, Luxembourg
  • Bank: BIL (Banque Internationale à Luxembourg SA)
  • Bank address: 69 Route d’Esch, L-2953, Luxembourg
  • Swift code: BILLLULL
  • IBAN: LU23 0025 7712 2702 5300
  • Reason for payment: your booking number (stated on the booking form)

Please make sure that The Central receives the payments net of bank commissions, any bank transaction fee must be beared by the tenant. Please send us the bank’s receipt of the payment via e-mail at

Booking confirmation: as soon as the Rental Deposit has been received, the tenant will receive written confirmation of the booking by e-mail from the on-line booking system or a Staff member of The Central.


Article 5. Arrival and departure times and access to The Central

The Central apartments can be accessed from 15:00 onward.
The tenant must vacate the apartment by 10:00 on the departure date.
Access to The Central building main entrance door is guaranteed 24/7 and shall be gained by means of codes provided prior to the tenant arrival. These codes shall be provided to the tenant once the booking has been confirmed and guaranteed by his/her payment in accordance with these terms and conditions at the latest on the tenant arrival date.

Access to The Central apartments shall be gained:

  • checking-in at the reception office at the 1st floor, open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, located in  5 Rue du Kiem, L-1857, Luxembourg, where our concierge will provide you with a key card;
  • outside office hours, registering at the Self Check-In Kiosk, available 24/7 in the communal entrance;
  • downloading the “SALTO JustIN Mobile App” (iOS versionAndroid version) on your smartphone, which communicates securely via the Cloud and enables to access the property simply using the device as a Digital Key.

We kindly ask you to inform us of your arrival details so that we may recommend the best way to reach The Central and, if possible, to arrange for early check-in.

In the event that any electronic key card is lost or not returned at the end of the stay by the tenant or his/her visitors, The Central is entitled to charge a € 50 fine. In the event that the tenant requires the presence of our Staff outside the office hours for a reason that we may consider unnecessary, The Central is entitled to charge € 50 for each call.

Please note that authorized Staff member of The Central or the Property Owner reserve the right to access the apartment, by appointment, at any reasonable time for maintenance or inspection purposes. In such instances the tenant will be contacted in advance, unless it is an emergency. The housekeeping employees may access the apartments according to the scheduled cleaning services without notice.

Article 6. Force majeure

The Central shall not be held responsible for the total or partial non-fulfilment of its obligations if this is due to the occurrence of a force majeure event such as, but not limited to, floods, fires, storms, terrorism, strikes or a state event. Under such circumstances The Central reserves the right to transfer the tenant booking to another accommodation in town of similar level.

Article 7. Animals and smokers

Pets are allowed on request and must be mentioned by the tenant at the time of the booking with an indication of the type and description of the animal. The Central reserves the right not to accept certain animals. The tenant shall be charged a supplement of € 50 per animal per night. Any damage caused by animals shall be charged to the tenant.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in The Central (including apartments, staircases, lifts, corridors and all areas accessible to the public). If this ban is not respected, a cleaning charge of € 250 shall be applied, with higher penalties being possible if The Central finds more serious damage (including, but not limited to, refusing to rent the room). Smoking is only permitted in the outdoor spaces, precisely on the private terraces, gardens or in the communal courtyard where ashtrays are provided.

Article 8. Supplements

When completing the reservation, the tenant is required to provide the details of all persons who will be staying at the apartment also for part of the rental period. Please be aware that babies must be inserted on the booking form as well. We are able to supply cots and highchairs for babies on request for an additional fee of € 50 per night. The maximum number of people staying in the apartment must not exceed the number stated in the property description without prior written agreement. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee, to refuse, revoke or cancel your booking at any time, if persons other than those stated in the reservation are staying at the apartment or if the maximum number of people stated is exceeded.
In the event of late departure and occupancy: before 14:00 a supplement of € 50 shall be applied, after 14:00 an additional night shall be charged.

Article 9. Cancellation policy

If the tenant wishes to cancel a booking or part of it, he/she is required to notify The Central via e-mail at or access his/her Online Booking Form and modify the stay as desired, safely and without the interaction of our staff, anytime, anywhere. In case of cancellation, the Tenant may withdraw from the lease obligation under the following conditions:

  • free cancellation if communicated more than 7 nights before the initial date of the stay;
  • in case of cancellation made less than 7 nights before the initial date of the stay, The Central reserves the right to charge and retain the rental deposit as stated in Art. 4 of the present contract;
  • the full rental fee of the stay shall remain payable in case of interruption during the stay or in the event of a “No-show”.

Article 10. Complaint management

In the unlikely event that you should encounter any technical problems or you are unsatisfied with our services and cleanliness of the apartment upon arrival, please contact us immediately to ensure that necessary arrangements can be made as soon as possible. Any complaints must be addressed to The Central by e-mail at or contacting the reception office from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00, at the beginning of your stay or in any case as soon as the inconvenience arises. No refunds or compensation will be paid regarding complaints made after the end of the stay or if the tenant fails to contact us immediately: the complaint shall be deemed to be invalid.

Article 11. Liability of The Central

Neither The Central nor the Property Owner shall be responsible for personal injury of any person residing in or visiting the apartment, unless this results from the proven negligence of The Central Employee. Neither The Central nor the Property Owner is responsible for noise, nuisance or disturbances caused by third parties and/or originating beyond the boundaries of the apartment. Compensation for a third-party activity will be at the discretion of the The Central and will be under no obligation.
The Central is not liable for any theft that occurs within the rented property.

Article 12. Protection of personal data

When a customer books a stay in one of our apartments, his/her collected data shall be subject to processing by The Central. This data is required in order to manage the tenant booking and may be used to find out more about the tenant and send him/her information on the products and services provided by The Central. The tenant’s data is intended for consultation by The Central, its associated entities and service providers. The tenant’s data may be transferred to entities based outside the European Union in order to manage the tenant bookings, process his/her file within the framework of pre- contractual measures or on the basis of an authorization by the competent authorities in relation to data protection. The Central shall process the data for which it is responsible for the purpose of the commercial management of its bookings, invoicing and payment, prospecting and promotion/sales drives, commercial statistics and satisfaction surveys. The tenant acknowledges that he/she has consulted the charter relating to the processing of personal data (Privacy Policy), which may also be obtained from the The Central Website.

Article 13. Divisibility

The nullity of one of the provisions of these terms and conditions shall under no circumstances result in the invalidity or nullity of the remaining contractual provisions.

Article 14. Applicable law and settlement of disputes

These general terms and conditions and the contractual relationship between the parties stemming from the latter shall be governed exclusively by Luxembourgish law. In the event of a dispute, exclusive competence shall be granted to the court of Luxembourg.

Article 1. Application
On account of the tenants concerned, the booking, confirmation, guarantee and payment conditions relating to firms (defined here as a physical or legal entity which is not acting for private purposes), groups and long-term stays shall be governed by special terms and conditions which shall be provided at the time of the booking. However, the general terms and conditions and the subsequent provisions set forth in this section shall remain applicable for all aspects which have not been dealt with in the special terms and conditions.

Article 2. Bookings
Bookings concerning firms, groups and long-term stays shall be made upon request by contacting
A booking shall only be definite when the tenant has received booking confirmation by email. The tenant must check the accuracy of the information provided in the confirmation email and notify The Central immediately in writing in case of errors. Failing that, any subsequent disputes shall be deemed to be overdue and invalid and the full price of the booking shall be payable. If a customer, either a physical or legal entity acting on a private basis or otherwise, makes a booking for 3 or more apartments during the same period, the booking shall automatically be considered to be a group booking. In this case, the booking shall only be confirmed once the total cost of the stay has been paid. The balance (concerning additional services such as, but not limited to parking, cleaning and laundry and any damage caused) shall be guaranteed at the choice of The Central by credit card or pre-payment.

Article 3. Price
The price stated at the time of the booking does include taxes. All bookings, irrespective of their origin, shall be paid to The Central in Euro unless it has been otherwise specified in writing. The Central reserves the right to adjust the rental fees and service prices without notice.

Article 4. Late Payments
All overdue or partial payments shall lawfully incur default interest without prior notification equivalent to 5% per month. Payments made by the tenant as settlement of his/her debt shall be allocated first of all costs and interest and then to the reimbursement of the principal amount. All disputes relating to an invoice shall, in order to be valid, be sent to The Central registered office by registered letter within 8 working days of its submission with a precise, consistent description of the elements justifying the dispute. An overdue or partial payment of a single invoice shall render all other open invoices immediately payable. In the event of continued non-payment by the tenant, The Central shall be authorised to terminate contractual relations immediately at the fault of the tenant on lawful grounds and without prior notification. In this case, the tenant shall be liable for a standard indemnity amounting to 20% of the open invoice value without prejudice to full compensation for the damage actually suffered by The Central.

Article 5. Extension of the number of nights
Any extension to the number of nights shall be considered as a new booking and shall therefore be subject to a written request in accordance with Article 2 of this section. In case availability is granted, a new price proposal shall be sent to the tenant which shall be confirmed by email by The Central.

Article 6. Promotional offers
The Central reserves the right to create temporary promotional offers which cannot be cancelled or reimbursed which may be based on a minimum number of nights. In the event of a cancellation or no-show, the tenant shall be liable to pay the price in full.

Article 7. Group stays
In the case of a group booking, the tenant shall provide The Central with the exact, complete details of each individual involved in the booking together with their arrival and departure dates at the latest 5 working days before the arrival date. The tenant must also notify The Central in writing of any potential amendments in connection with these bookings. Unless contrary written notification is provided to The Central, the tenant shall be responsible for the entire group booking including cancellations and “No-shows”, term that refers to a booking which has not been cancelled where the tenant has never arrived. The group shall be asked to behave in accordance with the internal rules of The Central and pay the balance for the No-Show. Otherwise, The Central may take action against the members of the group and the tenant who made the booking. If the members of the group are individually responsible for their bookings, they shall settle their rental balance at the latest at check-in. Failing that, the tenant shall be jointly responsible for the settlement of the outstanding balance which has not be paid by the group members individually.

Article 8. Long-term stays
All bookings placed for a period of more than 30 consecutive nights shall be automatically considered to be long-term stays. In this case, a specific contract shall be drawn up including the necessary booking conditions, partial or total cancellation terms and booking guarantees. All long-stay bookings shall be pre-paid and settled on a monthly basis in view of the number of nights booked prior to the arrival date and before the beginning of the next month. Furthermore, the tenant shall provide The Central with all the necessary invoicing details, payment guarantees and precise, complete details of each individual involved in the booking at the latest 15 days before the arrival date. Failing that, The Central reserves the right to consider the booking to be unconfirmed. In the event of a partial or total cancellation of nights during the stay, The Central shall retain the amount for the month already paid and the remaining cancelled nights shall be invoiced.